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Horse stables



Sonntag doors and gates are manufactured individually to your requirements. They are all hot-dip galvanized!

The outer frame can be manufactured with a Z profile or a square profile. The inner frame consists of a rigid 40 mm RP profile.

For the door filling it is possible to select between spruce wood, larch wood or corrugated metal sheet on the outside, and between a (waterproof) Waiko boarding or galvanized metal sheet on the inside

This construction, combined with a 4 cm thick insulation, ensures long-lasting functionality.

If required, glazing in triple layer glass, plexiglass or insulation glass can also be installed. For additional ventilation there are lifting windows, which run on either the inside or the outside.

We can also supply sectional doors and roller doors with electric drive and remote radio control. 


    Außenboxentüre mit VS-Glas
    Außenboxentüre mit Schutzgitter
    Außenboxentüre mit PVC-Lamellen
    Außenboxentüre in Vollholzwand
    Außenboxentüre in Mauerwerk
    Paddocktüre mit VS-Glas
    Außenboxentüren in Beton / Holzschalung
    Schubtüre zur Stallgasse
    Persönliche Gestaltung