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Stabling systems

Stall pens for dairy cattle


A well-functioning and animal-friendly stabling is an important component in an economic and modern free stable housing.

We manufacture the main components for optimal stabling system ourselves.

In our own mold design and construction we are flexible and inovativ to provide customized stabling systems according to your wishes and requests .

In our apprenticeship workshop we train our specialized staff mostly ourselves.

    Self catching grille

    There are several ways of limiting the feed table. The easiest way is one or two neck tubes in different strengths.

    The self-catching grille is the most important element for many plants in ensuring trouble-free procedures in modern cattle husbandry.

    In our product range we have different types of design and size, with top locking or round arch grille and with free passage through to the lying boxes.

      Classic SH type
      Classic SH type with safety bar
      Classic type
      Rundo SH type with round arch grille
      SH type (with C-rail)
      Diagonal grille
      Neck tube 3"
      Tubular column on feed tray wall
      Tubular column with concrete casing
      classic type
      classic sh type

      Lying boxes

      Animal-friendly lying boxes are a pre-condition for animals to lie unimpeded and to get up naturally.

      This is achieved through the maximum possible head clearance and the optimum shape of the self-supporting box shapes.

        combibox 2"

        Basic Combi 2" with neck belt, neck chain or neck tube / restraining belt
        Combi double boxes 2" with neck chain and restaining belt
        Basic Combi 2" with neck tube and restraining belt
        Basic Combi 2" with neck belt, height adjustable
        Basic Combi 2"
        Combi 2" HV with jump tube

        Twin-Box 2"

        Twin box 2" without welding seam
        Twin box 2" with separate foot
        Twin box 2" on concreted head plinth

        Feeding/lying box

        Feeding/lying box as Combi box 2"
        Feeding/lying box with shoulder yoke
        Feeding/lying box with neck tube
        Feeding/lying box with locking mechanism


          Belt tensioner
          Detailed view of self-catching grille
          Flat metal clamp for stabilising tube
          Spring tensioner for neck chain
          Self-catching grille gate
          Self-catching grille tube with plastic

          Gangway barriers

          Gangway barriers and tubular gates are an important factor for an effective free stable.

          We have a variety of these in stock and manufacture according to your wishes and needs any special execution.

            Gangway barrier 2 bar, telescopic, can be opened on both sides
            Gangway barrier 3 bar, can be opened on one side, with vertical running latch
            Gangway barrier 3 bar, can be opened on one side, with vertical running latch
            Gangway barrier with wheel
            Sliding door protection
            Personnel passageway
            Gate with wood filling
            Telescopic tubular gate with vertical running latch
            Gangway barrier 2 bar