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Ventilation systems

HIWI ridge ventilation

HIWI ridge ventilation is the perfect ventilation system, which functions in an optimum way in all weather conditions.

Thanks to the adjustable opening width of up to ca. 80 cm, excellent air exchange is achieved through the chimney effect in all wind and weather conditions.

Even if strong sunshine streams in, no build-up of heat can arise as is the case with traditional systems.

HIWI ridge ventilation is used throughout Europe and it is well proven in all climatic conditions, whether Southern Europe or Eastern Europe, on a wide range of roofs.

    hiwi ridge opened
    hiwi ridge opened
    hiwi ridge opened
    hiwi ridge closed
    hiwi ridge partially opened
    HIWI with cover plate
    hiwi ridge on a sandwich roof
    hiwi rigde on tiled roof